Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Designing digital art

If you need graphics - we can create them. You may require website graphics, banner advertisements, photo editing / restoration is also a possibility.

We can also design templates for your e-mailing list (experience in Mailchimp campaign design).

Website Graphics

Website header images, heading/title graphics, menu graphics (including image maps complete with HTML code), website link banners.

Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements designed for websites, static or animated.

Photo Restoration

We can edit any old/damaged photos and make them look as new - removing marks, tears and creases digitally with some computer magic! Send us a scan of the original photo for editing.

Mailing List Templates

Need to give your mailing list a makeover? We can design an email mailing list template.

Twitter, Facebook & Wordpress

Graphics can be designed for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Wordpress, incorporating your style or business logo into your social networking page or blog.


Examples of graphic design work

PixelStar Graphic Design